Altium Designer Tutorial How To Create Gerber Files

By | May 6, 2016


Design Rules

Check Before proceeding to Gerber and NC Drill files generation,
a DRC (Design Rules Check) must be performed in order to check your layout respects
all the manufacturing constraints.

In Altium Designer

Select :Tools/ Design Rule Check and run the DRC.Correct all possible
errors before proceeding to the next steps.

Generating Gerber File

In PCB view, select:File/Fabrication Output/ Gerber files which will open a popup window.

First Tab: “General”
Set Units to “Inches”
And Format to“2:5”

gerber setup

Second Tab: “Layers”
Select “Used On” in Plot Layers
Select “All Off” in Mirror Layers
Check “include unconnected mid-layer pads”
Uncheck all in Mechanical Layers to Add to All plot

Third Tab:“Drill Drawing”

Uncheck all boxes.
Select “Graphic Symbols”in Drill Drawing Symbols

drill drawing

Generated Gerber Files are automatically loaded in the Altium cam viewer. This tool allows
you to verify that all layers have been generated correctly and that they are all in positive mode.
The CAM view can be closed without being saved.

Generating NC Drill File

Go back to the PCB view, and select : File / Fabrication Outputs / NC Drill Files
which will open a popup window.

Select “Inches”in Units
Select “2:5” in Format
Select “Suppress leading zeroes” in Leading/Trailing Zeros
Select “Reference to relative origin” in Coordinate Positions
Click “OK”

nc drill setup

Sending Gerber Files

Compress all the files in a single .zip file

Note that all Gerber and NC Drill files generated by Altium Designer are automatically saved in the Project output folder

Known Altium Gerber File extensions

File Extension
Corresponding Layer
.GTL Top layer
.GBL Bottom layer
.GTO Top overlay
.GBO Bottom overlay
.GTP Top paste
.GBP Bottom paste
.GTS Top solder
.GBS Bottom solder
.G1 Midlayer 1
.G2 Midlayer 2
.GP1 Internal plane 1
.GP2 Internal plane 2
.GM1 Mechanical 1
.GM2 Mechanical 2
.GKO Keepout layer
.GG1 Drill guide
.GD1 Drill drawing
.GTP Top pad master
.GPB Bottom pad master