Everything You Need To Know Metal Core PCB

By | May 14, 2016

printed circuit board are boards with pads and lines that link various points of a circuit board, a pcb allows for power and signals to move between physical devices, solder makes electrical connection between the electronic components and the PCB surface, solder also serves as a strong adhesive to keep everything in place


Metal core PCB

metal core pcb implies that the core material is made of metal and not FR4 used in circuit boards, the common metals used are aluminum copper and steel alloy, aluminum processes good dissipating and head transfer capabilities although copper performs better than aluminum, aluminum is preferred since it is cheaper steel have lower thermal conductivity than copper and alumium but is more rigig as compared to copper and aluminum, depending on your application you may choose to get a metal core pcb made of any of three metals

the most common and pocket friendy option is aluminum as such most metal core pcb have aluminum cores, traditional pcbs were made of FR4 metal core pcb have replaced them since they are more efficient at dissipating heat from the circuit components, the termally conductive dielectrinc layer is responsible for heat dissipation. this layer acts as a heat bridge between components of the integrated circuit and the metal backing plate, heat moves through the metal core from the package on to an added heat sink. if the heat is not transferred by topital head sinks on the fr4 board, then it remains stagnant, leds usually have steel core pcbs but a few are made from steel core pcb

metal core pcb have the following advantages

thermal expansion
aluminum and copper expand and contract when exposed to different temperatures this ensure that the metal core pcbs do not get damaged with a change in operatiing temperatures of appliances and electronic gadgets

ability to dissipate heat
light emitting diodes are notorious for giving off a lot of heat, some dissipate between two to 5 watts of heat if this heat is not properly removed, the led fails, stagnant heat also makes leds output go down and it degrades
metal core pcb efficiently remove heat from leds and integrated circuits the IC’s and heat sink are brigdge by the thermally conductive dielectric layer and aluminum base

metal core pcb are more dimensional stable as compared to tradictional circuit boards

metal core pcb can be found in led lights and spotlights these usually have high current industrial equipment like pulse motors also have metal core pcbs, in cars, they can be found in power regulators exchange converters and vehicles firing implement, audio equipment like amplifiers also have metal core pcbs

the locaction of the metal core and trace layers of pcb leads to the different categorization of metal core pcbs a single layer metal core pcb has one trace layer located on one side chip on board metal core pcbs also have one trace layers. double layer metal core pcbs have two trace layers on the same side while a double sided metal core pcbs have two trace layers on each side, mcpcb with more than two trace layers per board are callled mulit-layer mcpcbs

be sure to select the appropriate mcpcb according to your needs